A dance and arts festival
by and for QTBPIOC artists and communities



BBQueer Fest brings together three "P's"

1. Public
performances focused on making and taking up public space

2. Performance

performance that announce and bring awareness to QTBIPOC presence in Santa Cruz County, nationally and globally

3. Private
private offerings include BIPOC-only dance classes, workshops, and artist support

so that everyone
has a chance for liberation within and without societal structures



This public event is open to all, will be held outdoors, with audience staying masked.

Join the LIT walking/drinking tour through the Frequency Festival at the MAH, then head over for small bites and drinks provided by Soif, performances, featured makers, live art, a dj, raffles, and more for this community-centered event kicking off BBQueer, Santa Cruz’s first annual Black, Brown, and Queer arts festival!

Come one, come all!! We are thrilled to bring back this queer dance party & variety show, and to do it safely. Here is what we are doing to make this event as safe as possible:

This event will be held outdoors in our parking lot!
Masks are required!
Proof of vaccination is required!

This event is first come, first serve! You can reserve your spot through the free RSVP ticket option, and then you will pay upon arrival $10 – $35 sliding scale!

**Remember to bring cash to tip the performers!**

This event is a fundraiser for BBQueer Festival! 

Showing Up for BBQueer: practices for white-bodied community members

The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist. Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward.

-Ijeoma Oluo

This event is public and is facilitated explicitly for white community members. Held indoors & masked at Motion Pacific.

How can white bodied community members generate internal and shared awareness in our collective and collaborative work towards community care and liberation? Join us in exploring embodied inquiry practices for engaging and cultivating connections both at BBQueer Fest events, and an ongoing practice of anti-racism. 

Led by white admin support

team for BBQueer

Day 1: September 30

This event is private, is open for vaccinated BIPOC ages 12 and up to attend, and will be held indoors at TWDCC and masked.

Baile Folklórico de México, or Mexican Folkloric dance, is an expressive art form combining Indigenous, African, Arabic and European influences in its movement and music. In this workshop, you’ll experience a brief history and instruction of a traditional folkloric dance from the region of the Huasteca.

No experience necessary. No special footwear necessary. 

Dancing Around Race - a longtable conversation

This event is public, and is open for all vaccinated people to attend. Dancing Around Race – a longtable conversation will be held indoors at TWDCC and masked.


Dancing Around Race is a community-engaged participatory process that creates an opportunity for people from various dance/art/performance communities to discuss issues around systemic racism, power, and equity. Modeled after the longtable discussion as devised by visual artist Lois Weaver and facilitated by Gerald Casel, participants are invited to join in a candid conversation that acknowledges and challenges the role race plays in dance performance, production, and education. We ask: “What does it look/feel like to have racial equity in dance? How can we collectively confront racial capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white body supremacy, and settler colonial logics in dance? What does the future look like and how do we get there?”

Day 2: October 1

BBQueer Premiere

This performance is open to all to attend, will be held outdoors at Motion Pacific, with audience masked.


With food by Hermanos Garcias!

Art booths with Aylin Barcenas and Eanna

Movement Workshop with Gregory Dawson & dawsondancsf

This workshop is open to all vaccinated dancers of all levels. Held indoors and masked at TWDCC.


Day 3: October 2

This event is open to all to attend, however we will prioritize BlPOC participants if there is a capacity limit. This event will be held outdoors at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s Secret Garden. 

This workshop is a space to reflect on Black Queer Icons that inspired us to live out loud. We will discuss and revisit the importance of representation in Media past and present, and its impacts on our queer identities and gender performance. The workshop will conclude with us making messages to send to Black Queer Youth in the Area.

Movement Workshop with Gerald Casel

This event is public, and is open for all vaccinated people to attend. Movement Workshop with Gerald Casel will be held indoors at TWDCC and masked.

The Body Erotic Reveal—a night of Black, Brown and BurlyQ artistry, entertainment and excellence!

An evening of burlesque and cabaret entertainment from some of California’s most talented Burlesque artists. Titillating, naughty and bawdy, tantalizing and seductive, this is a night not to be missed!

This event is free, but bring your dollars & digital devices to tip performers! Digital programs will link directly to performers’ Venmos & Cashapps.

Day 4: October 3

This event is public, and is open for all to attend. Procession will be held outside on Pacific Avenue between Cathcart & Lincoln Streets.

This event is private; vaccinated BIPOC 16 and up welcome to attend.
This event will be held indoors at the Motion Pacific downstairs studio. All participants will stay masked.

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